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rax [userpic]
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs: This is Emo
by rax (raxxq)
at June 19th, 2006 (11:49 am)

Ok, so I absolutely loved the first chapter.  I started reading it while I was at work and ended up reading about half of it (if not more) aloud to Lynn, who is our bookkeeper and with whom I share my office a couple of days a week.  She is currently reading Klosterman's other book, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story.

High points for me were the Coldplay rant and... well everything.  I feel like he's sort of read my mind.  Since about 11th grade I've had a developing theory blaming all of the ills of my life on fairy tales, and then romantic comedies (as the fairy tales of my generation).  I feel like I can't *help* loving Say Anything, because Lloyd Dobler is the modern day Prince Charming.  My thoery gained an interesting depth about four years ago as I was going through the process of obtaining a restraining order and got to thinking about the ways that Dobler's character is actually quite creepy and socially unacceptable in our modern society.  It's an idea that evokes some of the old rape awareness education in terms of  "No means No".  The fact is, there are romantic games that people play, and though some of us are more savy and conscious about the way we use our words than others, there are people who say No when they mean Yes.  This goes beyond sex and rape, that is an extreme and serious example of a confusing social phenomena.  
How many times have you known someone to be in a fight with their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/ whatever in which they argue and then mope around saying "I wish he/she would call".  To which you respond "Why don't you call him/ her?" to which they inevitably give some excuse which seems infinitely reasonable to your friend, but is in fact, completely stupid. We try to convince ourselves that we don't want things that we do want, to the point that we tell others that we don't want things that we do want, when obviously we want them.  
There was a connection here, I swear.  Oh yes.  Lloyd Dobler's actions are "reasonable" or romantic, if the female character is playing the game in which she actually wants something she professes not to (No really means Yes).   
Those same actions are creepy and upsetting if the female character actually does want to move on with her life, if she really does not want to be with Lloyd anymore, but in fact wants to go to London and meet a nice British guy who aspires to some sort of Parliamentary or Diplomatic position (or whatever).  
We believe that because Ione Skye's character's father is the one pulling the strings in her breakup, she doesn't really mean it., and that Lloyd knows her better than her father does, or perhaps even better than she knows herself.

I dunno, after my court experience I was never really able to watch Say Anything with the same naiivete.


Posted by: rax (raxxq)
Posted at: June 20th, 2006 08:48 am (UTC)

scatalogical is a word i had not come across at all in my life before college. and in the years since it has graced my life with a somewhat eerie frequency. most often in reference to comedy of some sort. but even today, i came across it while perusing the wikipedia entry on Questionable Content.

You should buy the book at Codys on Telegraph Avenue because it is closing over the summer.
Cody's on Telegraph Avenue was firebombed because they continued to carry Satanic Verses after the fatwah was issued on Salman Rushdie (<-fact).

Hobocore (<- word, for which there are no fewer than three entries in the urban dictionary. intriguingly all of them credit it as entering the lexicon around 2005, or possibly late 2004, while i read the word just today in our book group book, which means that it first appeared in 2003, or *possibly* in 2004 when the book was revised)

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